What is IoT and How Can it Improve Our Lives?

October 8, 2020

What is IoT and How Can it Improve Our Lives?

The fast-paced digital transformation has already taken center-stage, with experts projecting that we’ll experience more inventions in this decade. Some of the most progressive and promising technologies include Artificial Intelligence (AI), 5G Internet, Autonomous Cars, Cybersecurity, and the Internet of Things (IoT)

Today, we’ll solely focus on IoT; what is it, and how is it impacting our lives? Scroll down, and you’ll find out!

What is IoT?

The Internet of Things refers to multiple physical devices connected to the internet world-over. These electronic devices collect, share, and transfer data via a computer network, and they include sensors, smartphones, drones, trackers, head monitors, airplane jet engines, etc.

This then begs the question; how do these devices connect? Simple! Each device gets assigned a unique identity called Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). This enables the components to link to each other, gather information, analyze them, and create action.

Imagine this: thanks to the discovery of computer chips and wireless networks, it has become possible to condense a whole library of books into a Secure Digital (SD) card. Amazing, huh? But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. How else can IoT improve our lives? Find out below!

Smart Cities

Rural-urban migration has been on the rise, with United Nations estimates indicating that more than 50% of the world’s population lives in cities. Consequently, this has led to accelerated climate change, with most cities already feeling the impact through adverse weather conditions and rising sea levels.

But thankfully, IoT technology has come in handy to counter some of the challenges facing city dwellers. Some of the upsides of IoT include fire detection/prevention, energy conservation, street light regulation, provision of alternative transport systems, etc. These IoT-enabled services will continue to enhance lives by reducing pollution and traffic jams and conserving energy, light, and water.


As the term suggests, Agritech refers to the use of technology to improve agricultural yields and efficiency. One of the significant challenges facing farmers is too much input in seeds, fertilizers, and water, but non-proportional harvests. The introduction of IoT into agriculture is a massive breakthrough as it has proven to minimize water and fertilizer usage, manage wastes properly, and improve yields quality plus quantity.

An example is soil sensors and drone imageries that offer objective analysis and close monitoring of temperatures and humidity levels, thus giving evidence-based solutions. And the results? Farmers can cut fertilizer and water usage without affecting the yields.

Improved Healthcare

They say that to err is human. But the inception of IoT technology in the medical field wards off chances of human errors. For instance, doctors can now use IoT-enabled wearable sensors to track their patients’ blood pressure, pulse, or heart rate. This process is fast, accurate, and reliable in data collection, analysis, and transmission.

IoT is also enabling health experts to track the recovery progress of patients who live remotely. Amazingly, robotics or sensors can alert caregivers if their patients forget to take medicine or don’t get enough bed rest.

Smart Supply Chains

The supply chain has already benefited immensely from IoT due to their close relationship. However, there’s no harm in improving it further as there are still some loopholes that need to be filled.

For starters, the manufacturing equipment can leverage IoT to adjust according to pressure, temperature, or workload, thus increasing efficiency and longevity. Also, the use of IoT in inventory management means there’ll be better tracking and product delivery.

Concluding Remarks

There you have it, folks! IoT is the next big thing that will take our healthcare, food production, environmental conservation, supply chain management, etc., to the next level. As more and more devices continue to get connected, our work environments and lives, in general, will continue getting better in the coming years.

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