Employee Testimonials

The main reason I left my previous company was because NextGen offered a clearly defined career progression that would help me attain my goals. NextGen provides the tools and support needed to enable their employees to perform at peak levels. It’s also a fun place to work! We always celebrate wins and continue to find new and creative ways to recognize people’s successes.

– Mike, Director of Delivery, East/Midwest Region

Born and raised in a small town in North East Ohio, I had always thought about moving away to see what I could achieve on my own. Days before my college graduation, I had my final interview with NextGen Global Resources in the beautiful city of Chicago (a place I thought would be my new home). The day before graduation, I received a call from the Vice President of Delivery with both “good” and “bad” news. The “good” news was I received the offer; the “bad” news was I would need to relocate to San Diego. I thought about it for 24 hours and then because of my belief and trust in myself, in Jonathan (now, EVP), and NextGen as a whole, I accepted the offer without telling any of my family. Although it was scary, this decision has allowed me to grow from a junior recruiter to a Recruiting Manager in 4 years. 

 – Angelo, Recruiting Manager

In our industry, you can go from an administrative assistant to the #1 salesperson, it’s a true story because it’s what happened to me! Years later, NextGen’s founder reached out and convinced me to start all over again. I joined NextGen in 2012 when there were only six salespeople and 20 employees. Flash forward to today and I’ve lost count! NextGen offers ample opportunity to accelerate your career and provides a career progression, unlike any other company I have worked for. I love working with one of the best companies in the world.

 – Rachel, Regional Director

I joined NextGen as a Junior Recruiter in 2018 with zero experience in recruiting. Today, I have learned so much about the telecommunications industry, progressed in my recruiting career, and have created long-lasting telecommunications industry connections. NextGen provides the training and resources that you need to succeed and grow. There are countless opportunities here at NextGen, and they continually support and encourage you to achieve your career goals. Working for NextGen has allowed me to work in an industry that’s paving the way in how we are all connected. With the ever-changing world of telecommunications, NextGen continuously evolves to meet our client’s needs. I am excited to grow alongside this amazing organization.

– Sean, Recruiter 

What I love about working for NextGen is that I have the chance to help others find an opportunity to grow in their career and to excel in technology. It feels great to know you have been part of their career development. The best feeling in the world is when a consultant says to me, "thank you for finding me." I have the opportunity to change people's lives, and it's the reason I continue to do what I do daily. It's priceless. I'm always excited to work on the latest technologies and be able to learn something new every day. It never gets boring, and I am always rewarded for my hard work. NextGen is like a dynamic family; we all work closely together in a well-connected and flexible environment with the opportunity to grow.

– Eva, Senior Recruiter

I originally joined NextGen 8+ years ago due to our strong leadership team and this exciting industry, and I’ve been with the company ever since for the same reasons. Our leadership team provides a clear and thoughtful vision and the telecom industry continues to innovate and grow year after year! 

– Blake, Regional Director

I had the fabulous opportunity to start working with NextGen back in 2010 when I was one of six employees. I’ve seen incredible, rapid growth with now over 100+ internal members of our NextGen team. Our leadership group has 20+ years of experience and has bettered our company with their hands-on approach. Throughout this time, I’ve been able to excel from a recruiter to sales with their assistance. NextGen truly values its employees, which is why I continue to give it my all! I can’t wait to see what else we are capable of in the future!

– John, Regional Director