Public Safety

On a state by state basis, authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ) are mandating Public Safety DAS to renew occupancy per local regulations. NextGen can help put the pieces together to design and gain jurisdictional acceptance of the PS DAS system. A Private LTE Pubic Safety system can easily integrate into the HVAC and building security and surveillance systems and NextGen can assess needs and recommend best options. Additionally, aging Public Safety Access Points (PSAP) require upgrades and NextGen can be the partner to plan and manage those.

  • Greenfield programs or system analysis and upgrades

  • Data Collection and Analysis

  • RF Design and integration validation

  • Legacy network replacement options

  • Private LTE Public Safety and Smart Building Integration

  • Field RF PSAP Validation testing

  • PSAP to NG911 platform management

  • Location and Messaging upgrade management

  • Project management transition to ESInet standard

  • NENA Compliance Resources

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