Utilities, Manufacturing, Education, Logistics & Supply Chain, and Warehouses.

Private Networks

Today’s progressive enterprises, in all industrial sectors, are pursuing digitally transformed and software-driven operating models using analytics, automation and machine communications to improve productivity. These processes are augmented by wireless networking solutions that offer scalable control and extreme reliability in very dense, machine-oriented environments.

From Industry 4.0 factory-floor automation, to control of autonomous trucks in open cast mines, from electricity distribution grids to logistics and warehousing, venue services, and many more use cases, wireless networks are essential for real-time communication, process automation and transformation that can unleash phenomenal productivity benefits.

NextGen powered Private LTE and 5G networks provide a unique combination of secure, reliable, and high-speed connectivity to transform the enterprise network space across a wide range of verticals. CBRS OnGo based Private network addresses the performance attributes of the LTE radio and system architecture and makes it possible for private organizations to deploy and operate high-performance networks without dependency on licensed mobile operators.

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Private Networks for Utilities

While striving for sustainability, utilities are empowering and embracing the digital transformation across the globe. The resiliency, control, and security enabled by new 4G and 5G based private networks are key to empowering the grid evolution. Likewise, alternative industries like mining, oil and gas, and other enterprise are taking advantage of new and future technologies to add to safety and productivity initiatives enabled by the growing industry ecosystems.

How NextGen- a Kelly Telecom Company can support your digital transformation journey:


  • Consulting Services
  • Network Evaluations and Assessments
  • SCADA Systems Audits and Upgrade management
  • Secure PTT and Legacy Products Interworking
  • Consistent communications to the grid edge
  • 5G Device Consultation and Evaluation
  • Smart Grid – Distribution Automation, EMS, DMS
  • Smart City Analysis and Industrial IoT Automation
  • Private Network and New NB Spectrum Options
  • 5G and Industrial IoT for industry specific applications
  • Secure Video systems for surveillance and security
  • Technology Trainings

Use Cases: Smart Grids, Smart Meters, Remote Monitoring, Hazard and Safety Surveillance, Mission Critical Control, Digital Data Management

Private Networks for Manufacturing

Industrial and manufacturing sectors are going through fourth industrial revolution and 5G is one of the biggest technological enablers of that revolution. Industrial-grade private wireless solutions delivers reliability, low latency, and flexibility to next generation factories. NextGen’s offering includes OEM vendor selection along with private wireless network design, deployment, validation, optimization, and on-going operational support.

5G based Private networks enable most advanced and digitally mature manufacturers to develop new business models and revenue sources based upon data and services, transforming the very face of manufacturing business as all companies become digital companies.

Industrial IoT requires highly reliable, secure, low latency mission-critical wireless capabilities with seamless mobility support. LTE/5G based private networks provide QoS capable technology that can support the ultra-reliable connectivity for a successful factory operation.

Use Cases: Industrial Automation, Additive Manufacturing, Robotics & AGV’s, Real Time Video Analytics and Quality Control, Safety & Security, Augmented Reality and Digital Twins

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Private Networks for Education

Schools, Colleges, and universities are constantly looking for new, effective ways to remain competitive, increase enrollment and attract new students. A growing number of educational institutes are putting technology front and center to transform the campus experience while improving efficiency, learning and safety. They’re using the campus as a platform to develop experiences and services to help their institutions stand out from the crowd.

During and post-pandemic, a new frequent challenge for Education sector is how to ensure student accessibility for distance learning in a blended learning environment. A strong private 5G/LTE network connection can provide academic success by keeping students and staff connected off-campus. During the pandemic, we have learned about the paramount significance of ensuring a reliable Internet connection that supports hybrid learning as well as on-campus to provide learning opportunities to student wherever they are.

Like a smart city, a smart campus first connects people, buildings, vehicles, and things to create contextual information in real time using internet of things (IoT) sensors. Campus data can power new services to improve living, learning, safety, and efficiency. Education and connected campuses are transforming rapidly to meet the needs of higher education. An advanced private network can be a differentiator when attracting and retaining faculty and students.

Use Cases: Smart Classroom, Surveillance and Security, Campus wide Connectivity, Campus Transportation Tracking, Facilities and Building Management

Private Networks for Logistics & Supply Chain

5G and Private Network will drastically affect many industries, but the sector that stands to benefit most from the increased connectivity and speed is the logistics industry. With the lower frequency band providing wider coverage in suburban and rural areas, and the higher frequency band providing better coverage in high density urban areas, the logistics and supply chain industry will finally be able to provide end-to-end continuous coverage for monitoring, tracking and theft detection.

Exponentially faster data speeds and reduced latency will give rise to a more responsive network to support this transformation, while also paving the way for more Internet-enabled smart devices to be integrated along the logistics supply chain. This will render logistics processes faster, safer, and more reliable.

With faster speeds, lower lag times, larger areas of coverage and a comparatively smaller power appetite, smart devices can communicate faster with one another at speeds that are even closer to real-time. This will catalyze the use of time-sensitive Internet of Things (IoT) device applications and open opportunities for new use-cases in logistics and beyond.

Use Cases: Logistic Digitization, Automated Port Operations, Autonomous Trucking, Asset Tracking and Safety, AR/VR Applications, Route Optimization, Fleet Maintenance

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Private Networks for Warehouses

With the fourth industrial revolution in full swing, we’re beginning to see how technology is having an impact on how we conduct our business operations.
Everyone from product manufacturers to vendors to consumers relies on real-time information about products moving through warehousing and logistics operations. Private LTE networks are exceptionally valuable when it comes to connecting and controlling the operations, maintaining records, and tracking goods as they move through the supply chain.

Warehouse and storage (smart supply chain) buildings could greatly benefit from the coverage and capacity delivered by 5G and Private Networks. These advance networks can support and provide connectivity for AGV’s and support sophisticated pick-and-pack machines for automated warehouse operations.

Use Cases: Warehouse Digitization, Asset Tracking and Safety, AR/VR Applications, AGV’s and Automated Pickers, Data Analytics and Precise Operations