Pride Resource Partners + NextGen – How To Optimize Your Technology Investment

March 8, 2021

How to optimize your technology investment in private LTE

Private LTE wireless solutions are being implemented worldwide to help utilities modernize and optimize Smart Grids and make them future-ready for adoption of innovations such as microgrids. With ubiquitous connectivity and unprecedented reach of sensors and data, a private LTE network can reduce costly and unexpected asset failures and premature operational replacements with predictive maintenance.

With private LTE, a utility can control where to deploy communications infrastructure, how much coverage and capacity is needed, and which applications require priority access. Because LTE is a standardized technology, utilities can integrate communications for SCADA, AMI, and LMR systems along with core communications requirements.

Private networks mitigate interference, minimize latency, and enable the automation and efficiencies that utilities require. Private LTE combined with Wi-Fi 6 will be a powerful combination when blended with industry-specific applications. Lifecycle cost reduction and greater flexibility can be realized through application-specific Field Area Network (FAN) convergence (such as SCADA, meter traffic backhaul, CCTV, and voice).

Safety and productivity initiatives benefit from the digital transformation enabled by private LTE. The pervasive connectivity of private LTE for digitalization and automation is a catalyst for improved productivity, continued grid reliability, and interconnection of distributed generation, transmission automation, and enhanced mobile workforce operations.

Implementing a private LTE network can give utilities the coverage, resiliency, and cyber-security controls necessary to protect critical infrastructure. Pride Resource Partners LLC and NextGen, a Kelly Telecom company, can help utilities optimize infrastructure investment by implementing standards-based LTE and mobile-edge computing. Consolidating existing systems to private LTE provides a versatile, IP-based technology that offers the bandwidth, speed, reliability, low latency, and high throughput needed for utility infrastructure communications. Additionally, a private LTE network is future-proof because LTE is a global standard that will continue to evolve and combine with 5G and beyond. At the same time, private LTE offers a variety of options to utilities to meet requirements for extended-range and low- and medium-rate connectivity.

NextGen is partnering with Pride Resource Partners to provide a turnkey solution that optimizes your technology investment in private LTE.

About Pride: Pride is a high-performing project management and construction management organization headquartered in San Diego, California. Pride’s management team brings extensive program, project, and construction management experience along with a proven track record of successfully executing construction and infrastructure development projects in the energy sector. We understand the complex dynamics of executing projects for energy clientele. We also understand the business culture and share many core values — recognizing safety, diversity, integrity, reliability, environmental stewardship, and teamwork as top business priorities. Additional information about Pride can be found at

About NextGen: NextGen has over thirty years of experience in wireless network design and deployment. Our RF network engineers, practice architects, and delivery managers are committed to consequential and imaginative solutions for energy, private networks, and alternative industries. Additional information about NextGen can be found at


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