Discover More About Next Generation 5G

November 3, 2020

Discover More About Next Generation 5G

The older mobile network generations certainly brought a welcome increase in speed and data capacity, however, 5G is poised to unleash a paradigm shift in the way industries and personal users work and interact with each other as well as the world around them. With 5G technology, organizations and users can expect a massive increase in network capacity, greater rates of reliability, and lower rates of latency, all of which will allow companies to develop new user experiences and connect new industries.


While in the past 10 years corporate and personal use of mobile devices increased in terms of applications designed for work and personal use along with device capacity and speed, in the next 15 years, 5G will go far beyond the mobile community. 5G will allow other industries such as medicine, the transportation industry, and the IoT to develop products and services that will dramatically and permanently change the way people live their lives.


  1. How 5G Changes Medicine — Currently there is a notable increase in telemedicine, where doctors and patients converse with each other with the help of a video conferencing app. 5G will allow medicine to go far beyond this. Thanks to robotics and the low latency rates that 5G offers, surgeons will be able to perform operations on patients that are in other rooms, other cities, or perhaps even halfway across the world.


Practical applications of performing delicate surgeries using robotics are many, including surgeons who may want to offer their services to people in underdeveloped areas of the world, thus eliminating the need for patients to undergo extensive travel in order to receive their services. Surgeons in the military will also be able to help wounded soldiers in remote regions of the world, who would otherwise have to be medevaced to the nearest military base to receive life-saving surgery.


  1. Revolutionizing the Transportation Industry — While Google, Tesla, and Uber are all working on self-driving vehicles, until 5G technology is available essentially everywhere, their efforts to revamp the transportation industry remain a challenge. However, within the next 15 years as 5G becomes more ubiquitous, there will likely be major developments in automated transportation. When self-driving vehicles and trucks are able to “talk” to each other and interact with sensors placed on street lamps and other structures around cities, urban design is likely to change dramatically.
  2. How 5G will Change the IoT — Drones and other robotic devices will become far more useful when they are able to take advantage of the lower rates of latency that come with 5G. When drones and robotic devices can take the place of humans in real time, they’ll be able to assist in search and research and disaster recovery efforts by observing and reporting information from dangerous areas, as well as perform tasks too costly or risky for humans to conduct.


Drone delivery may also become mainstream since 5G will allow each individual delivery device to detect the paths of other drone delivery devices, thus allowing them all to work in unison to safely deliver packages without interruption.


  1. Replacing Traditional Internet Service with 5G— Last but not least, 5G will revolutionize home internet services. With maximum speeds as high as 10,000 Mbps, 5G will likely become the standard for home internet service in the near future. In fact, Verizon recently announced nationwide 5G coverage with 5G Ultra Wideband available in dozens of cities across the United States.


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If would like to know more about 5G and how this exciting new technology will impact your organization, please contact us.

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