Behold Microsoft’s New and Hopeful Edge

If Internet Explorer is brave enough to ask you to be its default browser, you’re brave enough to ask that girl out. You can find a trove of memes maligning the geriatric browser that has been pretty much abandoned — now even by Microsoft. Behold Microsoft’s leaner, meaner and less noisy Edge. Is it too late for the brand to rise from the proverbial ashes? The jury’s out, but here are some of the smart things Edge does offer hope.

No Legacy support means speed, which is … like … what people want.

The baggage and backward compatibility are things no one prefered over speed and experience. That seems pretty intuitive, and the other browsers never encumbered themselves with this. So Edge’s code is stripped down and simplified. Maybe Microsoft has learned over the years to let the users lead, and that for design, less is more. Now where did they get these notions?

Support for Extensions

Being able to play well with others is critical even, maybe especially, for the behemoth Microsoft. Edge will support extensions, allowing third parties to customize views and add functionality. People like to play with you more when It’s not just about you.

Less noise, more immersive

All of the current browsers could be a little less noisy, shedding the menus, the toolbars, the widgets! Edge says let’s quiet it up a bit and remove ourselves from the user and the content connection. On top of that the experience will be more immersive, allowing you to annotate pages and take notes right on the page.

So Microsoft has been listening to what people want and seems to be getting the big things right. Bye bye Internet Explorer. Hello Edge.

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