NextGen Women: Alice Mahoney

As part of Women’s History Month, we are highlighting women of NextGen this March! This week we spoke with Alice Mahoney, Senior Strategic Director. When Alice heard about NextGen from a friend, she was unsure if she wanted to enter the field of staffing again. She had worked in the industry from 1997-2003 and was currently in advertising sales. After an introduction meeting with Steve Moreschi, NextGen’s co-founder, she knew this was the right move. “I was looking for a place where I could have ownership. I wanted to be treated as a business professional, and NextGen enabled that for me, for everyone,” Alice said. Read more about Alice’s story below!

Q: How do you manage a healthy work-life balance?

Alice: Balance is critical. You need to learn to compartmentalize everything especially if you are someone who works from home as I do. The key is to be present when working and present with my family when I am not. That is sometimes hard when my office is ten steps away. I also make it a point to make time for myself and do things I enjoy like working out, especially when traveling. Additionally, I have a very supportive husband. He is my rock, support system, and a true partner.

Q: For women first starting in the telecom industry, what advice do you have for them?

Alice: There are not as many women as men in the field, so you need to be strong, confident, and know you can be successful. If you represent yourself as a strong woman, you will be respected. I’ve been in this field since 1997, and I think about where I was then in my life to now. It’s important to always stay true to who you are and grounded. Don’t get intimidated and hung up on the small stuff and find a mentor for guidance because you are not alone! It’s also important to educate yourself because the more you know, the more credibility you will provide and bring to the table.

Q: What barriers have you faced, as a woman, with becoming successful in your field?

Alice: You are your only barrier. You need to have confidence when you go into a meeting. Most meetings are male-dominated, but it is not something I make my focus. I’ve learned to find ways to relate and connect. However, I do love when I have a meeting, and there are other women. It’s refreshing! I always think, “wow this is so great!” because there is a sense of women empowerment when that happens.

Q: Who is the most influential person in your life?

Alice: My mom. My parents got divorced when I was in third grade, and my dad was around, but my mom raised us. She sent us to private school and college by working two jobs to support us and give us a good life. Growing up I saw her drive to be successful to provide us with the best life possible. That’s where my drive comes from to give my kids a great life!

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