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5G communications tower with man using mobile phone

How 5G Technology Will Grow in All Industries

The year 2021 is expected to usher in the widespread implementation of 5G technology across...

Consultant of the Quarter, Keith Sledge

Congratulations to our Consultant of the Quarter, Keith Sledge. He is celebrating his one-year anniversary...
Young co-workers team talking during startup - Happy people planning a new project in creative workplace office - Technology, entrepreneur, marketing and concept - Focus on left man with headphones

The Jobs that Pay in Tech

When it comes to following the trends in Tech, it pays to follow the money....
Data Analysis for Business and Finance Concept. Graphic interface showing future computer technology of profit analytic, online marketing research and information report for digital business strategy.

The Telecom Industry – Trends to Watch For in 2021

Telecommunications was one of the few industries that saw record growth in 2020. Now that...

How the Telecom Industry is Helping Small Businesses and Keeping Them Afloat

Telecom companies have been stepping up to the plate, offering a hand to help small...
Consultant of the Quarter

Dave Berg Consultant of the Quarter

Congratulations to our Consultant of the Quarter, Dave Berg. He has been working with NextGen...
Close up of female hand holding a phone with a 5G hologram in coffee shop. 5G network wireless systems.The concept of 5G network, high-speed mobile Internet, new generation networks.

Facts About 5G You May Not Know

Most people barely pay attention to their phones' connection to the cellular network. They leave...
Discover More About Next Generation 5G

Discover More About Next Generation 5G

The older mobile network generations certainly brought a welcome increase in speed and data capacity,...
What is IoT and How Can it Improve Our Lives?

What is IoT and How Can it Improve Our Lives?

The fast-paced digital transformation has already taken center-stage, with experts projecting that we'll experience more...