Mobile World Congress Barcelona!

This past February, NextGen associates attended the Mobile World Congress Conference in Barcelona, Spain. They met with essential partners and learned how 5G is going to shape our future! Kristen Wolf, Business Development Manager, based in San Diego, was among the few who attended. Below is our Q & A of her experience at the show!

Q: What was the focus for Mobile World Congress Barcelona?

The theme was intelligent connectivity. Which means it is the next big breakthrough in our current society. For example, 3G brought internet to our phones and connected us on a different level, and now with 5G, we will have the compacity to bring AI’s, robots, and the internet of things to the world. From connected cars to infrastructure to security, all devices will be linked. It is as futuristic as the things you use to see in Star Trek, and it’s all coming to fruition.

Q: What did you learn?

It is an excellent platform for people to reveal their greatest technologies. I experienced, in Qualcomm’s Snapdragon platform, virtual reality glasses. You put on these seemingly regular looking glasses, and it creates a forum where you can create the environment you want, at any angle you want. You can play chess with someone in Europe, attend a class while brushing your teeth, create a work environment with multiple desktops. The opportunity and capabilities are endless.

Q: What was the coolest thing you experienced?

The agriculture aspect was fascinating. I was impressed by the connected honeybees. As many know there is a decline in the bee population and a panic because no one knows why it is happening aside from speculation. They created a device that goes inside the beehive that regulates temperate, moisture, the activity of the bees, and more that is then transferred to the beekeepers to monitor and gather information to assist in solutions to help with bee population.

Q: How do networking events like this help our contractors?

We are going to see a lot of changes. For those who don’t know, 5G means a much higher refresh rate. It’s very fast. It’s going to require a lot of building and infrastructure on our part to support this upgrade, but once we can get it up and running the type of connectivity we will see is going to be a gamechanger. Right now, we can’t picture ourselves functioning without a smartphone, when 5G hits we will be the next level up and connected to everything.

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