The Jobs that Pay in Tech

When it comes to following the trends in Tech, it pays to follow the money. If you’re looking for the tech titles that are getting a lot of money thrown at them, here they are according to a Stack Overflow Developer survey:


No surprises here. Average annual salary of $150,314

Engineering manager

Heading a team of developers and other executives, there average annual salary is $143,122

Enterprise-Level Services Engineer

They make software for the big businesses and get big bucks for it. The average annual salary is $121,908.

Mobile Developer (iOS)

Apple’s iOS is one of the most common operating systems across the world. Developers working on the operating system powering iDevices are much in demand. Their annual average salary is $115,460.

Data scientist

A title that’s trending upwards in 2016. Big data crunchers earn an average annual salary of $115,244.

Developers (with Stats or Math background)

Number and code wizards have grown in power and pay. The survey pegs their annual salary at $111,656.

Embedded App Developer

With the Internet of Things’ rise, there’s little surprise that embedded application developers command high salaries. According to the survey, the average annual salary is $110,899.


Combining the evils (I mean skills) of ‘developer’ and ‘operations’. In the last few years, DevOps skills have grown rapidly. Salary at $109,641.

Back End Developer

Coming out in front are the Back-end developers who build, maintain and run all sorts of technologies. $108,580 is the average salary.

Mobile Developer

We expect this salary to keep moving skyward. Coming in for 2016 at $104,648.

Desktop Developer

Maybe not as sexy of a title, but the money’s still there: $100,806.

Full-Stack Developer

Merging front and back ends, these developers earn $100,273.

Front-End Developer

These are the guys responsible for a website’s user interface and more. StackFlow survey pegs their annual salary at $97,016.

System Administrator

IT systems stay up and running thanks to the administrator who earns an average annual salary of $79,684.

These are the most common titles, but not every company needs the same things, so there’s a lot of variations. Different titles trend, but it’s safe to say that in the next five years of all the above positions will command good pay, as long as you can bring the passion.

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