Interview with NextGen Leadership Series: Ruby Caggiano-Cooper

So far this year, businesses have been adjusting to twists and turns every week. In March, we shifted to working remotely, and it has been an explorative journey since then. I interviewed the NextGen Leadership Team, and the overall message has been one of strength, persistence, and adaptability. We rely on this team for leadership and guidance as we all experience these changes together, and we look to them for the next move. Although things may be unpredictable, it is important to keep our eyes on our long-term goals so that we can come out of this stronger.

For our final interview of the Leadership Series, I caught up with Ruby Caggiano-Cooper. Ruby joined NextGen in February of 2020 as our Vice President of Business Process Development, working remotely from Florida. She brings many years of experience and an expansive knowledge of the telecom industry to NextGen, along with new, dynamic training courses for our sales team. Here are her insights on the current state of things and her outlook for NextGen!

1. How did you adjust to working from home?

The hardest part has been managing my time to allow myself a breather. I had to make sure I was giving myself time to take lunch and figuring out when to end my day. Most people I know who work from home end up working longer and have a harder time separating from work.

2. What are some things you have done to stay entertained while staying at home? 

I bought myself a treadmill designed to not exceed 2 miles per hour so I can keep my blood flowing and stand up while on calls. It has helped a lot and made my home office more enjoyable!

3. What is the biggest difference you have seen in your daily routine?

I am embarrassed by the number of times Amazon, Publix, and local restaurants deliver to my house. Between my family and me, we have frequent visitors at our door for one reason or another. We’ve gotten so used to it; it will be a big adjustment when things open more widely in our area.

4. What are some positive things that have happened for you personally since the current restrictions began?

Having my kids “captive” has been a gift. My son is 18 and my daughter is 15, so normally their school and social lives have them out of the house a ton. We have had some incredible conversations and laughs over the past couple of months and I am grateful for them, especially since my son leaves for college soon.

5. What are some silver linings that you feel could come from this for NextGen? 

Many silver linings have come from this situation. First, employees who normally worked in offices have gotten more creative around ways to effectively stay connected with customers, consultants, and each other. Secondly, it has allowed us to make sure all of our interactions are well-planned and add value to whomever the audience. There is just something about a video meeting request that has really made me hit pause and make sure this would be time well spent for me and the recipient. Lastly, it has built a stronger sense of comradery as our homes and families have become more visible and more involved in our work. For me, that’s been the most special part.

6. What is one thing you want NextGen employees and/or the community to know? 

We have not taken our foot off the gas nor will we ever. Every conversation we have had has been around how to serve and support our customers, consultants, and our communities. I genuinely believe this has made us a better company.

Key Takeaways

Although the year has been unprecedented thus far, there are still silver linings everywhere we look! From having a treadmill in the office and enjoying unexpected extra family time, to modifying our communication styles to fit into a world of virtual meetings, there are some positives that will come from 2020. Ruby is focused on those positives and committed to ensuring success and growth for the company. She is still moving full speed ahead, as we all are, and looking forward to the unexpected benefits that we will have from this time of change.

Having the opportunity to speak with some of the top minds of NextGen was quite enjoyable for me, and I hope it was for you too. In speaking with the team, I had the chance to hear how this has impacted them personally as well as gain a deeper understanding of where we are going next as a company. I set out to do these interviews as a way to spread some positivity and allow the NextGen community to get to know our leadership team a little better. Sometimes it can be easy to become consumed with the negativity that we see in the news, on our social media, or that we hear on the radio. I hope that this blog series has shed some light on the good things that we have experienced and will continue to experience in 2020.

The biggest takeaway from speaking to each person on our Leadership Team is one that stands strong throughout NextGen; we truly are One Team, One Goal, ConnectiNG you.

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Sarah Janich is a Talent Acquisition Specialist at NextGen. She joined the team in March 2020 and has been working to recruit internal talent as well as assisting with marketing blogs and campaigns. Sarah has been recruiting in the staffing industry for two years, and recently earned a certificate in Digital Marketing from UCSD Extension. Be sure to connect with her on LinkedIn for the latest news and internal openings at NextGen!

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