Interview with NextGen Leadership Series: Alice Mahoney

As we continue to navigate through the changes that 2020 brings, we focus on connection and success. At NextGen, our leadership team is an integral part of this journey. They have the experience and years of knowledge to help guide us. Ever since shifting to working from home, our leadership team has been even more supportive and invested in our team’s success; giving real time updates on what’s happening in our industry, as well as, providing more in depth training and team building events so that we come out of this stronger. They are people too though, so I interviewed each of them to get their take on working remotely, what challenges they have faced, and what bright spots they see on the horizon.

For our next interview in the series, I spoke with Alice Mahoney who filled me in on some things she’s been up to over the last few months. Alice joined NextGen in 2011 as a Regional Director and was promoted to Vice President of Sales in 2019. Here is Alice’s take on the state of NextGen and where we are heading next:

1. How did you adjust to working from home?

I have pretty much always worked from home, so that was not a big change for me. The biggest change is that my kids are no longer in school and are at home doing virtual classes. It has been challenging trying to help my kids and homeschool while also working. I’d say that trying to find a balance to make sure my kids’ needs are addressed and that I am not missing anything work-related has been the biggest and hardest adjustment.

2. What are some things you have done to stay entertained while staying at home?

We have had a lot of family nights, watched movies, played games and basketball, and gone on walks exploring the creek by our house. Not to mention lots of fun projects too! We also power washed the deck and patio, and my daughter and husband built a wall in the basement to separate a room.

3. What is the biggest difference you have seen in your daily routine?

Not having my kids in school or having a regular schedule for them. Kids need socialization and schedules, so not having that has been very hard on them and makes me sad.

4. What are some positive things that have happened for you personally since the current restrictions began?

It has been really nice being home since I typically travel a lot. We have been having family dinners nightly and I have been cooking a lot more. I have also been able to work out regularly which has been great.

5. What are some silver linings that you feel could come from this for NextGen?

A new way of working and efficiency. By cutting out commute and travel time, we have been able to refocus that time to complete tasks and projects that may have been on the backburner before. We’ve been able to work efficiently and dedicate our energy to achieve meaningful goals. We have also learned that we can communicate over the phone, although in-person communication is still the first choice.

6. What is one thing you want NextGen employees and/or the community to know?

That we are all in this together during the good and the bad times. NextGen is resilient and a strong company with strong and dedicated employees! We need to support each other, and I know that in the end we will come out stronger and feel good that we weathered this pandemic as a team!

Key Takeaways

Alice and her family have definitely been keeping busy while at home! From family activities to cleaning and even building new spaces, they’ve been sure to stay productive. Although there have been positives and negatives, overall it is important to remember that we are all in this together. As Alice said, we will come out stronger in the end and we will have achieved this success not only as a company, but as one team.

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Sarah Janich is a Talent Acquisition Specialist at NextGen. She joined the team in March 2020 and has been working to recruit internal talent as well as assisting with marketing blogs and campaigns. Sarah has been recruiting in the staffing industry for two years, and recently earned a certificate in Digital Marketing from UCSD Extension. Be sure to connect with her on LinkedIn for the latest news and internal openings at NextGen!

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