Energy and Alternative Industries

While striving for sustainability, utilities are empowering broadband deployment across the globe. The resiliency, control, and security enabled by new 4G and 5G frequency options are key to empowering the grid evolution. Likewise, alternative industries like mining, oil and gas, and other enterprise are taking advantage of new and future technologies to add to safety and productivity initiatives enabled by the growing industry ecosystems.

  • Network Evaluations and Assessments

  • SCADA Systems Audits and Upgrade management

  • Secure PTT and Legacy Products Interworking

  • Consistent communications to the grid edge

  • 5G Device Consultation and Evaluation

  • Smart Grid – Distribution Automation, EMS, DMS

  • Smart City Analysis and Industrial IoT Automation

  • Private Network and New NB Spectrum Options

  • 5G and Industrial IoT for industry specific applications

  • Secure Video systems for surveillance and security

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