Public vs Private Cloud Services: Basic Pros and Cons

Since the pandemic, you’ve probably heard a lot more about cloud computing than ever before. If you’re new to cloud computing, some of the acronyms and jargon can seem somewhat confusing at first. Two of the most common ones are public cloud and private cloud services. Here’s how these two services differ, along with their…

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6G Network: The Future of Wireless Network Technologies

Wireless Network

Since the Second-Generation Networks (2G) launch in Finland in 1991, mobile phone network technology has been advancing faster. It has changed the way people interact with each other and the world. In 2019, the journey of rolling out 5G was launched and started hitting the mainstream fast to replace the aging 4G standard in more…

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Five Important Telecom Trends of 2022

telecom trends

2022 poses to be an exciting year for the Telecom industry. Let’s look at how current events are shaping this year’s Telecom industry trends. The Telecom industry is one of the few sectors to pull out of the pandemic relatively unscathed. Many of its office jobs could be done remotely and, in a time of…

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How Private 5G Networks Can Shape the Future

5g networks

Businesses continue to embrace different technologies to realize various benefits. 5G networks are the new solutions that these enterprises are embracing. According to Morning Consult, 700 business technology decision-makers considered 5G. The survey conducted in 2020 revealed that most of the participants agreed that this technology would create new opportunities for their roles, industry, and companies.…

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Post-Pandemic Trends In Remote Work

remote work

The pandemic wrought enormous changes to the way people work. Just a few years ago, remote work was a rarity. In 2018, only 7% of employees in the U.S. even had the option of working away from the office. During the pandemic, remote working become normal to millions of people who never imagined they would…

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The Outlook of 5G in Entertainment Venues Post-Pandemic

5G in entertainment

When Covid-19 struck the world, many sectors of the economy were gravely affected. Amongst the worst-hit was the entertainment industry, which closed its does for fear of the virus. However, thanks to 5G technology, we no longer have to worry about the spread of Covid-19 in entertainment venues. In today’s post, we’ll look at what…

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What’s Ahead for 6G: What You Need to Know


The world of technology never ceases to amaze us while advancing every other year. And we’re on it again – the sixth-generation cellular network is already creating a buzz among tech industry leaders, governments, and headlines. Of course, 6G’s predecessor, 5G, is only at the initial stages of being rolled out in most parts of…

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The Latest Trend in 5G Wireless Power Grid


5G technology is now available in many regions around the world. In the United States, the demand for the fifth generation spectrum spiked in late 2020 to hit $70 billion. This trend is expected to extend globally, with predictions estimating that the 5G network could reach about 33% of the entire population by 2025. The increasing availability of…

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Where to Find the Fastest Networks in the US

According to Root Metrics research, some US areas have fast network speed while others have low network speed. If you’ve ever wondered where to find the fastest networks in the US, you’ll discover that today. So, stick around and read our latest blog to find out! Businesses, health systems, educational institutions, and entertainment industries need…

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In Plain Sight: How Wireless Companies Disguise 5G Equipment

Cellular infrastructure has helped our society accomplish amazing things, but cell towers are not always the nicest thing to look at. Since the advent of widespread cellular technology in the early 2000s, cell tower concealment has become a necessary component of our national infrastructure. Now, cellular companies are tasked with finding ways to disguise 5G…

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