Business Cards Just Got Cooler

Having an impressive business card can seem a little bit like a throwback. Someone foisting theirs upon you used to come off as a tad schmaltzy. Think of Lionel Hutz, the huckster lawyer on the TV show The Simpsons, whose card “turned into a sponge when you get it wet!”

Yes, the business card may have gone out of style for a while, but when you start a new job, watch out because a really cool design firm in London called Moo is trying to bring it back. Adding some digital fangles to modernize it, of course. Just tap these cards embedded with NFC chips on your NFC-enabled device and behold the wide range of interactions that you can manage from your digital device.


The technology has gotten cheaper, but still not exactly cheap. Ranging from around $37 upwards, you’ll want to be a little selective with who you hand these out to. But if the fad takes off, expect the technology to get even cheaper. And who knows, maybe marketers will produce them en masse, and we all might be tapping paper onto our devices. Until then, you get to feel like that cool kid in the Members Only section if someone gives you one, and maybe even cooler if you have some made. Just don’t get ’em wet.

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