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5 Trends That Are Set to Transform The Telecommunications Landscape In 2020

The wireless and telecommunications industry has been growing at a steady pace. As more advancements are being made, the industry will experience a complete transformation and evolution. Big data will play a key role in telecom company profits Telecom and wireless companies use and process a massive amount of data. But for a lot of […]

Derek Bonk Winner

We want to congratulate NextGen’s Consultant of the Quarter, Derek Bonk! He has been with NextGen since 2015 and during the last four years, has worked on multiple assignments. When nominating Derek for this award, NextGeners had this to say, “Derek is the most kind and adaptable consultant.” “His supervisors always have positives things to […]

Consultant of the Quarter, Shanell Rogers-Stridiron

We want to congratulate NextGen’s Consultant of the Quarter, Shanell Rogers-Stridiron! She has been with NextGen for two years. During this time, she has had multiple team changes, conquered new milestones, and was recently promoted to a Project Manager! When nominating Shanell for this award, several NextGeners said, “Shanell has been a pleasure to work […]

Interview Questions You Should Ask

­Your job interview is wrapping up, and the hardest question is about to be asked. “Do you have any questions for me?” You should have known this question was coming, but you forgot to prepare. The only thing you can do is shake your head no. The interviewer frowns, disappointed, and thanks you for your […]

5 Tips to Get Over Your Job Interview Nerves

Interviewing for a new job is tough. It’s easy to become overwhelmed with nerves and anxiety before an interview, but these feelings are normal. An interviewer is about to assess your capabilities for a specific job, take notes on your answers, and review your background and qualifications. Of course, it’s going to be nerve-racking! You […]